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Ricoh AS/400 Emailing & Archiving Solutions

You can further customize your Ricoh AS/400 printing solution with a variety of workflow modules designed to automate virtually every aspect of the document distribution process.

flashMAIL400   E-Mail Module

         Allows users to send messages with attached spool files merged with form graphics in Adobe PDF, TXT, HTML or HP PCL formats.

Anyone with access to e-mail will receive the message with the AS/400 merged print job attachments, view, save-to-file or print.

This module is also compatible with existing SMTP mail servers.

flashFAX400   Fax Module

         Allows users to automatically fax merged form output to any fax machine directly from the AS/400.

ECAB400  Ecabinet Module

         Allows jobs to be sent to the eCabinet for storage and retrieval.  

         Eliminate the need for file rooms.

         Can split a single AS/400 print job to multiple jobs (ie, Cluster Printing)



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