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Ricoh AS/400 Report Printing Solution

The PrintDriver400 is a fully featured IBM AS/400 software driver that allows AS/400 users to automatically access all of the features of a Ricoh Aficio network output system without requiring any application changes. Users can set the parameters of any print job just one time; once defined, the job prints automatically each time it is run. With the PrintDriver400, users can access any of the following Aficio features:

  • Input Drawer Selection allows users to select an input drawer (or drawers) for any print job. This also enables users to access features such as Covers and Page Designate.

  • Duplexing allows users to automatically print on both sides of the paper.

  • Finishing allows users to access automatic stapling and hole punching features.

  • Output Selection allows users to specify an output location for any print job, including finishers or mailboxes.

  • Job Separation allows users to separate print output using a separator page or by jogging output.

In addition, users can also access a variety of spool file and data related functions:

  • Document Format Modifications allows users to modify the format of a document by changing the location of spool file fields.

  • Font Selections

  • Print Output to Multiple Printers allows users to split large print jobs into multiple parts and then print them simultaneously on multiple printers.

  • Printer Selection by User ID or Form Type

  • Automatic AS/400 Configuration PrintDriver400 includes user screens that facilitate automatic AS/400 printer configuration. This typically requires the services of an MIS manager.

With PrintDriver400, you can offer a solution that eliminates the need for expensive IPDS Printers or AFP utilities.  You can also offer the basis for additional software options that will make your AS/400 printing solution even more valuable.


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