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Ricoh AS/400 Electronic Form Solution

Increasingly, companies are turning to electronic forms software as a more efficient and economical method of business forms management.  A move from pre-printed forms to e-forms has several benefits:

  • It eliminates costly, pre-printed multi-part forms.

  • It eliminates excessive inventory.

  • It eliminates form obsolescence and allows businesses to print forms on demand.

  • It eliminates the need for twinax connected impact printers and allows users to print forms on plain paper on their laser printers. Additionally, laser resolution ensures that forms always look their best. Another advantage?    every form is an original.

  • Eliminates the labor-intensive processes of manually loading, bursting, stripping, copy reducing, collating and distributing.

Easy-to-use pull-down menus allow users to:

  • Define job and page control functions.

  • Output forms in PCL or PDF format.

  • Define forms distribution for multiple part form printing.

  • Set parameters such as auto burst, page size, orientation, collation, duplex forms printing, auto compression and 2-up/4-up report formatting.

  • Reformat data output to match the form.

  • Save to file for merged graphics and data.

flashFORM400 Designer makes it easy for your AS/400 clients to design any new forms, or re-design existing forms. To redesign forms, all the user has to do is scan them; the flashFORM Designer will automatically convert the forms into an editable electronic format. From there, it's easy to add boxes, lines, data fields, and text whatever elements are required to ensure that forms always look their best.  


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