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Ricoh AS/400 MICR Solution

With the Ricoh flashCHECK400 MICR Check Printing module, your AS/400 clients can use their existing Ricoh Aficio network output systems to print all their checks. This offers a variety of benefits that are timesaving and cost-effective. Adding the flashCHECK400 MICR Check Printing Module enables users to:

         Print checks on their Ricoh LAN printers on plain paper at 600 dpi resolution. This eliminates the need to inventory special paper stock.

         Automatically print checks from multiple bank accounts by:

       Calling the appropriate MICR line from the Bank Maintenance File

       Calling the appropriate Check form defined in the Form Definition Maintenance File

       Overlaying Variable Check Data

      Calling Signatures, Company and/or Bank Logos (conditionally)

There are two basic components of the Ricoh MICR check printing solution:

         Physical Components:

       Laser MICR printer that can handle magnetic toner

       Ferromagnetic toner

       Security paper

         Software Components

       ANSI and ABA approved E-13B Font

       Design software that composes  check templates and graphic images

       Host-based check integration software (flashCHECK400)

flashCHECK400 provides users with a wide-range of check-printing flexibility, including:

         The ability to define an unlimited number of bank accounts.

         Easy access to pull down menus for defining bank account information.

         Two Conditional signatures can be printed based on pre-determined check amounts.

         The ability to print checks on demand.

         Linking "Define a Form" and "Define an Engine" to pre-entered bank file information.

With the flashCHECK400 solution in place, you'll be able to provide the following benefits:

         Positive Pay and ACH/Direct Deposit

       Allows check files to be transmitted directly to the bank(s) from the AS/400.

       Generates audit history reports.

         Digital Signatures

       Eliminates hand signatures and/or signature stamps.

NOTE:  Contact us for MICR toner for Ricoh printers (14, 16, 20, & 21 ppm printers)



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