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Welcome to the Ricoh Family AS/400 Resource Page

Ricoh has OEM AS/400 printing software from Accel Technologies, a leading provider of AS/400 software printing solutions.  The Ricoh Output Management Solution  (Ricoh OMS)   will enable your clients to take vital AS/400 information and then create customized electronic forms and reports complete with graphics and logos that can then be printed on any Ricoh Aficio LAN PCL output system. This allows your clients to permanently eliminate:

  • Cost and hassle of preprinted, multipart forms.

  • Specialized PC print servers. (Ricoh Software reside on the AS/400)

  • Printer-resident data stream conversion models.

  • Impact printers and green bar paper.

With the Ricoh OMS and Ricoh Aficio output systems, your clients will:

  • Produce a wide range of documents from invoices to catalogs to price lists to sales reports at output speeds ranging from 5 PPM to 105 PPM.

  • See an immediate and appreciable improvement in workflow productivity.

  • Leverage their existing LAN hardware investment.

  • Expand their output capabilities with a vast array of features that include duplexing, covers, inserts, multiple paper sizes and automatic finishing.

  • Enhance the appearance of all business communications with 600 dpi laser resolution, the ability to change font selection and size and host graphic support including logos and barcodes.

This resource page provide information relating to the various component for outputting data from an AS/400 to a Ricoh network output systems. 


As you have learned, the Ricoh OMS Printing Solution is flexible enough to meet virtually any AS/400 printing need that your AS/400 clients will have.  Using a combination of hardware (Ricoh Aficio Network Output Systems) and software solutions, you can create an AS/400 printing solution that will virtually eliminate your competitors from the account. Quite simply, you can offer a level of support, depth of hardware and software solutions and expert knowledge that your competition cannot.

For information or assistances for your AS/400 opportunities, please contact:

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